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Hell Warders Greenlight Announcement

MARCH 31, 2017  — Hell is at our gates! Face the demons head-on with a team of Hell Warders, an ancient order of heroes with unique powers and abilities. Push back waves of demons with an arsenal of weapons, powerful hero skills and deployable towers. Hell Warders is a co-operative multiplayer action hero defense game and is now available on Steam Greenlight. Show your support and vote for us!

Every member of the team brings unique strategies,

Every member of the team brings unique strategies,

  • A new Defense subgenre - With elements of Hero Defense and Tower Defense, and Hell Warder’s unique character.

  • 4 Player Co-op - Combine forces and battle the forces of evil! Hell Warders supports both co-operative play with friends or with other warders via auto-matchmaking

  • Build your Defenses - Plan your defenses and build powerful towers to foil the enemy

  • Scavenge for powerups - Scavenge the map for powerful power-ups

  • Game changing skills and abilities - Use you skills and abilities strategically to destroy the enemy invasion

  • Epic Enemies - From giant earth-shattering wurms to magic wielding lyches, the enemy will not wait for you.

  • Dynamic Maps - Features like flowing tides of lava adds variety to gameplay. Sometimes, even the map itself can be dangerous.

Teamwork and fast paced combat is the core of Hell Warders. We at Ares Games packed every aspect of this game with dynamic game changing mechanics - all of which will test the player's ability to co-ordinate and formulate new strategies. This is an action hero defense like you’ve never seen before!

-Wei Gu, Producer at Ares Games (now known as Anti-Gravity Game Studios)

Greenlight Link:

Hell Warders Website:



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