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Patch note v0.7

Firstly, we would like to apologize to all the fans that have been waiting for an update. Our development team has been working this whole time, but due to unstable builds, we did not want to risk to disappoint you. This version will give you an entirely new feeling of Hell Warders; we hope you enjoy the game.

Important: All previous saves have been wiped.

Detailed patch note:

- Added full scenario and voice overs!! - Added Act 4 & final boss - Optimized graphics and system stability - Re-worked all stages to increase difficulty - Re-worked Samson III into a melee champion - Normal attack changed to swinging hammer from throwing a grenade - Special attack changed to charged hammer skill from Air blast skill - Further balance the character progression system - Added Hard-mode for players to challenge even further - UI optimization

Planned changes in future: - Endless mode


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